Have you read all of Roger’s mind-bending SF? Here’s the complete bibliography, along with tips of where to find free, hard copy, and eBook versions.

The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect

The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect is the post-singularity classic that still stimulates debate about what happens to humanity when we become like the gods. For adults over the age of 18 only. Warning: graphic violence and sexual violence. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, so you have been warned that this particular book is not for the sensitive or the squeamish.

The Amazon link above will allow you to buy the print copy, as well as a Kindle version that can be downloaded to your Kindle or read on any PC. If you have the Nook or another ePub format device, or if you prefer a PDF, be sure to order from the original publisher

If you prefer to try before you buy, Roger also hosts the free version of MOPI on his personal website. If you like it, don’t forget to hit the tip jar on your way out. Even a small tip expresses a lot of appreciation, because we know you had a choice.


Passages in the Void

Upcoming soon: We are working on plans to publish the entire Passages and Revelation Passage story cycles as eBooks that you will be able to read on your eReader, smartphone, or personal computer.

Mortal Passage was recently reprinted in issue #5 of Bull Spec SF. We understand that there are only limited numbers of the print copies remaining, so please visit there now if you want a copy of this beautiful magazine.

The entire “Passages” story cycle was hosted at the now-defunct It is now available here at Amazon–

You can also buy it at many other online stores including iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and more.

Revelation Passage

The Revelation Passage story cycle was hosted partly at and partly at For the time being, Revelation One is down because it was hosted on kuro5hin and we need to locate the backup. Soon, folks!

Revelation One: The Borden Homeworld
Revelation Two: The Makers of the Borden
Revelation Three: The PaleoBringer
Revelation Four: The Arc of the Aeon
Revelation Five: The Queen of the Galaxy


No writer can do it without the fans. To a certain extent, it’s up to you if Roger gets the time and energy to produce new fiction., Roger’s original host, was itself a social experiment. Its admirable idealism and support of free speech eventually led to the site being more or less hijacked by trolls. As it became more of a rowdy bar where you could always be guaranteed to find a good fight, it became less of a welcoming home for an artist.

On this site, we’re going to try something different. Trolls are not welcome here, and they will be banned, just as they are on 99.9% of the other sites on the internet. Here, we’re going to follow the rule of, “Let the smart people talk.” The mud wrestling will still be available elsewhere on the internet, and Roger will probably always enjoy a spirited debate. We’re not taking anything away.

We’re simply adding a place where fans can gather WITHOUT the nuisance of trolls and hecklers.

Fewer mud wrestling events = more time for Roger to create new stuff. And that’s good for everybody except the trolls.

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