As one of the most influential novels in the so-called singularity canon, The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect has sparked a lot of debate over the years.

For instance, Marc Donner discussed it in his article, “Deus Est Machina,” in the July/August 2004 issue of IEEE Security and Privacy, alongside five other influential works by writers like Robert Heinlein, Vernor Vinge, Neal Stephenson, and Charles Stross. More recently, The Guardian’s Damien Walter gave it an honorable mention in his 2012 “Quest for e-Weird,” calling it, “a true hard SF epic with tones of Charles Stross and Hannu Rajenemi.”

We hope you enjoy reading some of the kind, funny, or insightful comments that people have posted over the years, but we’ve only started collecting reviews fairly recently. If you want to share a review, send it to us or drop it off at Amazon— preferably both if you have something nice to say.

What they’re saying about the The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect:

Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect is a disturbing, intriguing novel about a future world and the near-present that leads to it. If you can accept the violence and graphic images, there are some really interesting ideas discussed. I’m actually glad I read it and I certainly won’t easily forget it.” — Linda Schoales, editor, Web Fiction Guide

“It’s hard to wrangle a 5-star rating out of me for just about anything, but this book deserves it. It is twisted, messed up, brilliant and deceptive all at the same time. “ — Kiersi at Good Reads.

“…the most harrowing experience I’ve ever had reading something. It’s the inversion of hope and human advancement itself. I’ve read Stephen King spookfests, I’ve read Barker, I’ve read American Psycho. Nothing compares with the raw hollowness I felt after PI…killed my last god.” — Reddit reader “Mob of One,” responding to a question about What is the most creepy, lingering, horrifying book you’re ever read?

What they’re saying about the Passages in the Void linked story cycle:

Mortal Passage by Roger Williams is the best story in Issue #5 of this quarterly journal, [SF fiction quarterly Bull Spec]. It’s about humanity’s attempts to create an artificial intelligence that is sane. .. As time passes – as millennia pass – and the story progresses, the work for the computer/human hybrid becomes more complex. It’s a fascinating story of one possible future for humanity.” — Terry Weyna, “Magazine Mondays” reviewer for Fantasy Literature: Life’s Too Short to Read Bad Books.

[The Passage Home] is the most BRILLIANT single piece of fiction I have ever seen submitted to k5…people tend to say that for hard SF you have to make too many storytelling sacrifices to the science. That is, they think you can’t have an interesting plot and such if you stick to only the most rigorous and cautious extrapolation of science in the future. My point is, this story disproves that idea.” –kasreyn, fiction reader,

Hell, what they’re saying about the design:

“But the cover. Just look at the cover. Perhaps I’m just exaggerating this, but the moment I saw the cover I fell in complete and absolute love with the novel [The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect]. I didn’t even have to read it. Don’t care it was made in MS fucking Paint. Just look at that shit. It’s the epitome of all transhumanism: A butterfly made of logic gates…” –Alex Rosslyn, Please God, No

What they’re saying on Amazon

“…I strongly recommend this book for anyone remotely interested in science fiction or the philosophy of human nature.” –duck

“…Very engaging and thought provoking from beginning to end.” –Craig Corbin

“So good I bought it even though it’s available for free.” –James T.

“…one of the most philosophically rich and allegorical novels I’ve ever read.” — Nan Chen

what they’re saying on lulu

“Words fail me when I try to think of a way to describe this book [MOPI]…at once apocalyptic and infinitely hopeful, this book stirred profound feelings in me…”–cityofdave

“This is one of the most talented sci-fi writers of our time.”–Saul Perdomo

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